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Leadership   Specialist

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Earn Money while Teaching Others!

For eligibility, you must first sign up on this web page. Then we will arrange for a qualifying interview to see if you are a good fit. Most Leadership Specialist are alumni attendees of our events. However, we will sometimes make an exception. If you fail to qualify, you will be refunded your tuition.

The "Leadership Specialist" Referral Partner Program Includes:

  • Direct Deposit Commission - Right into your bank account!
  • Ways to earn CA$H
    • Offer the opportunity to attend our events (offer ticket packages to others)
    • You can now accept credit cards from other people!
    • You set up a Business Training with another group
    • Host an Team Training Event and Higher Laws Team Member will come teach:
      • You host a 3-4 Hour Training
    • Play The Abundance Game with others:
    • Host an Abundance Game Night and Higher Laws Team Member will come teach:
      • We may play The Abundance Game. (Requires 30 or more people)
    • Call or visit with people individually
    • Place your personal tracking links on Facebook, blog, emails, or your website
    • Be Creative!
  • How Much Will I Earn?
    • $150 to you - Each Abundance Game purchased at retail
    • 50% to you - Each Answer to Everything Three Day Event package purchased**
    • $500 to you - Each University 101 Event package purchased**
    • $500 to you - Each Coaching package purchased at $1995**
      • **Details will be emailed upon registration
      • A few packages sold per week has the potential replace your income while serving others!
  • Commission: (available within 21 days of customer payment)
    • 40%-50% - 3 Day Event Tickets
    • 50% on Abundance Games (you can give it away for Free coupled with 3 Day Event Ticket packages - $110 cost to you to do this)
  • Contribute to other people's lives
    • Give the gift of Financial Education
    • Teach Principles of Life
    • Serve Others with a Lasting Message
    • Become a part of something bigger than yourself
    • Join and Support the Mission - "To Teach Principle Centered Empowerment and Increase the Financial Well Being of Humanity"
    • Have fun
  • Leadership Specialists Access will give you:
    • Secure access to:
      • Commissions Earned
      • Email Templates (tracking links are already set up)
      • Banners to post online
      • Tracking Links
  • Bulk Order Priviledge
    • The Abundance Game for $110 each! - Almost 65% off
    • Minimum Order of Five
    • Shipping is about the same for 5-9 games
  • What is my role as a Leadership Specialist:
    • To be a leader in helping others to discover the liberating principles of the Higher Laws message
    • To help others overcome their limitations and doubt
    • To teach the message of Higher Laws (primarily lessons learned at AtE 3 Day Event)
    • Put yourself into Hyper-Learning. You are getting a skill set by being a leadership specialist. This opportunity is a gift because it is the ultimate vehicle where you can gift a gift that never stops
  • Leadership Specialist Guidelines and Addtional Subscription Coaching:
    • Have a passion for the Higher Laws message
    • Strive to align to a principle centered life
    • This position is contingent upon being on the "Power of Influence" Coaching or the "Higher Living for Women" Coaching - $37/week is your dicounted rate.
    • You must be registered with our website for $8.97 per week for your online office
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