Critical Nutrients to Have More Love in Your Life

I have noticed that the Morning Empowerment Ritual™ makes a tremendous difference for Lesly and I each day that we do them.
Seriously, Connie (who runs our Higher Laws® for Women group Coaching) attributes her awesome relationship to three things:
1) Recognizing that it must start with yourself
2) Use the 3rd question in the “Morning Empowerment Ritual™
3) Verbalize why you are grateful for your partner (with touch so the Masculine can internalize the words)
In summary, if you do these three things, you will have an incredible foundation and critical nutrients to have more love in your life.
If you want, you can come chill with me under some palm trees in my backyard for about five minutes while I talk about them.
Brandon Broadwater

3 thoughts on “Critical Nutrients to Have More Love in Your Life

  1. I LOVE using the morning empowerment ritual. My husband and I go through the questions together before he goes to work and the kids are up. What an AWESOME way to start the day!

  2. This works AWESOME! I love the Morning Empowerment Questions! I don’t think I’ve served as much, or been as happy as I have been lately since I’ve started doing these in the morning. I do them with my partner and things are better than ever between us. These questions have helped us gain perspective early in the morning so that we make better decisions, decisions on principle, creating more closeness and connection in our relationship. :) We’ve done them together every morning for the last 6 mornings, and I think we’ll probably continue them for weeks or even months to come! It helps us “fill” ourselves up in a healthy way early in the day, and ramps us up to hit targets for the rest of the day! I love these questions. If you aren’t doing them every day, start!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the morning empowerment!! It makes such a difference in my day when I take the time to go through the questions, especially in conjunction with the three factors of sleep, exercise and nutrition that Brandon mentioned. When I do morning empowerment, I have an incredibly increased focus and determination throughout the day. It has also helped me prioritize where I should be channeling my efforts. Primarily though, it has helped my relationship. Through the questions and corresponding introspection morning empowerment brings, I have been able to recognize what I can improve on as well as noticing things my partner does to serve me. Our relationship wouldn’t be where it is today without this beautiful activity!!

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