Why Do Some People Get Burned Out?

I have the privilege to travel internationally and speak at events where people want to make a change in their lives. One thing that I have learned is that many people are seeking to help and serve others, yet far too often they find themselves burned out. They often explain to me how they spend so much time serving and helping others, that they feel empty.

My response? I hope this is as helpful to you as is was for my friend Connie who said that this one response I shared with her a few years ago has had a tremendous impact in every singe relationship and area of her life. The reason being, as Connie put it, was that with this new knowledge, she could better see things as they really are.

So what was it? What I said was this:

If you feel more fulfilled after helping another, then it is a good sign of true giving. If you feel drained, it may not have been giving for the right reasons.
That is something to keep in mind when serving others. We must remember, that obligational serving or exchange serving, will never fulfill.
So let’s remember to give without expecting. This is how we begin to align with the Primary Laws of Success™ that I speak about at my 3 Day Event called The Answer to Everything™.
If we want optimal results, then we must keep our intent pure.
~ Brandon Broadwater

1000′s of Brown Bags – Dianne Soulliere is Serving Others

Connie Benjamin from HigherLaws.com speaks with Dianne Renee Soulliere from  International Brown Bag Lunches of Love about serving others.

This interview includes a story of kids Dianne worked with to prepare brown bag

lunches for others in need. And what they did to make it extra special for recipients of these kind acts.

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What is in this interview …

  • How to inspire kids to want to help others
  • The gifts you receive from helping others
  • How to focus on what is most important


Comments and questions on this interview are welcome.