What Unsuccessful People Are Not Willing to Do

Brandon is doing the Morning Empowerment Ritual™. Which he really does this in the shower each morning!

And for Master Your Power Within® Grads this is found in detail, in your Course Booklet. And here you can access an updated electronic version of the Morning Empowerment Ritual™!

These morning ritual questions are an incredible way to start each day. Print this off, place in your shower, bathroom mirror, or use during exercise.

4 thoughts on “What Unsuccessful People Are Not Willing to Do

  1. Hi Brandon,

    I really appreciate the quote about being present. I say this because in my practice I find so many people who live their whole lives in the “kaos factor” (the future). I am so glad that you are teaching this Universal Principle. When I see how much anxiety and pain is caused from having our being in the future it makes me enjoy the present and my ability to be there and teach others to be there too. And thanks to you and the HL program I have learned that I/we can go to the future to plan and get the feeling of what our achievements will feel like, but its the things that we do on a moment to moment basis in the present that will take us there. That is why I appreciate you so much.

  2. Fantastic, thank you Brandon you are so accurate. Start the day out great, this does eliminate the negative and increases our abundance opportunities. Increases all areas and increases our connection to all that we desire for ourselves and our loved ones.
    Truth Peace Love Joy Health Happiness
    Thank you for the reminder.

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