What Do Attendees Think Of “The Answer to Everything” Event?



Vanessa… paid off $85,000 her debt in 12 months


Vanessa is an Answer to Everything graduate from Saskatoon, Canada with some impressive results in her life because of Higher Laws.

Take special note of one particular result. How much of her $100,000 debt did she paid down within 12 months of her first AtE?

“Following these Higher Laws and living them daily has changed my life in amazing ways. I was close to $100,000 in debt one year ago. Today I have cleared $85,000 of my debt load.” ~ Vanessa Laflamme


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{This is her comment form from the second Answer to Everything she ever attended. Keep in mind that she learned very clearly the Higher Laws that  would create the results that she watched flood into her life in the coming 12 months. They sure did… congrats Vanessa!]

Some people will discount and doubt that this can happen. Fortunately for Vanessa and others with their own impressive debt paydown results this is real. Her literal testimonial is above. 

Are you in debt, or know someone that is? Is it time for that to stop?

If so is it worth 3 days to learn the principles that Vanessa and many others have to turn their debt on its head? 

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