Brandon Broadwater

On this blog you will get unique access to Brandon’s new content. He will share with you his strategies and experiences to help you create an extraordinary life the way you want it!

Brandon Broadwater has dedicated his life to helping people discover and
put into action the resources, tools, and strategies that create extraordinary results and amazing levels of personal fulfillment. Over the last decade, he has directly impacted the lives of people with his work in financial education, leadership psychology, negotiation, and peak performance.

Brandon is the creator of The Abundance Game as a human training tool to provide financial education and principle centered empowerment. The Abundance Game has received an enthusiastic worldwide response because it combines both education for financial success and spiritual principles in a way that greatly empowers each player’s life.

People worldwide (14+ countries) have joined Brandon and he currently offers his teachings by live events, audio programs, online media, and The Abundance Game. Through involvement with Higher Laws and The Abundance Game, many people say their lives have never been the same.

Brandon is also the author of The Prosperity Paradox.


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