“When the Lights Go On for the First Time”

Recently we visited Saskatoon, Canada for The Answer to Everything event. Here is what Beth Richardsen from Lethbridge Canada said about her AtE experience.

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The “Answer to Everything”? Wow. This is for real!

Have you ever had the privilege of sitting in a room and experiencing something better than magic happening all around you?

Better because it’s not magic – it’s real – the changes in minds, hearts & lives of people all around you, and in yourself too, when the light goes on and understanding & hope enter in maybe for the first time.

Solutions – real solid solutions – are made accessible and do-able because Higher Laws are real, and powerful, and made clear to people who want them. And the reports roll in from people about how those Laws changed lives forever.

More love, happiness, certainty, better incomes, motivated children, bright futures; debts and doubts disappearing. Thank you, thank you!

~ Beth Richardsen (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada)



Why do people Underestimate this Secret to Life?

Even when I tell people how important it is, they underestimate this principle or they often think that I am saying some cute spiritual quote. They don’t understand that it is one of the biggest secrets to life because this is where the real opportunities exist. What am I talking about is Presence.

It will never be easier to “DO”, than it is NOW.

– Neal A. Maxwell

It’s a presence thing. The reason why each day has the perfect ingredients for a perfect day, is because it will never be easier to DO, than it is now. One of the things that I teach at my flagship event called The Answer to Everything is that, “If you want to serve, just go to the present.”

When I am on stage, I often get questions from the crowd about how to find opportunities to make more money. I find myself explaining, “The point of power is in the present because that is where the opportunities are!” One of the reasons why people struggle more than they need to is because they are looking beyond the mark. A troubled relationship thinks they need to go to a 3rd party (which sometimes is helpful), yet the real cure is within them, right now, to be more loving, patient, and attentive to their partner. Troubled finances often come from a lack of context of what is possible in the now!

Here is an example; one day I was on stage and I asked the crowd to see how many people thought that they could still make money by doing a legitimate zero down real estate deal in the year 2012 right now in their own city that would cash flow. Only about 5% of the audience hands went up. Meaning that 95% of people did not think you could do a zero down real estate deal… much less make money at it. They did not think it was possible! However, after 3 minutes of explaining a very simple

principle of money… I asked the crowd again, “How many of you think it is possible FOR YOU to make money and do a zero down real estate deal?”  At this point, 100% percent of the hands went up.

I know real estate is not for everybody, in fact, there are things that are even better. Much better. This is why I teach today.

So my point?

When you know the Higher Laws of Money, then you make more money. The same is true with relationships… When you know the Higher Laws of Relationships, then you will have the ability to create amazing relationships.

This is one of the reasons why I teach an event called The Answer to Everything. This is why I teach about the Higher Laws of Money.

I would love your commentsWhat do you think? What is your lesson from the above? What is your next step with this in mind? 


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Why do we Overlook Opportunities Right in Front of Us?

Why do we overlook opportunities that a right in front of us? Seriously, why do we not see what has been in front of us the whole time?

If we don’t step up to the edge and look for the abundance of opportunities that currently exist there, then we will find ourselves lacking results… and later lacking fulfillment. So how can we find these opportunities that are right before us? Here is something that will help, but keep in mind we must first step outside of ourselves to serve others. This is not just a Higher Law, it is a Business Principle that produces results. It is not just a Business Principle, it is a Success Principle that produces results!

So where can we begin? For me, whenever I pay more attention and look deeper into the seemingly ordinary experiences of life, I discover how abundant this Universe really is. It is as if the Universe is throwing opportunities at me.
What is the lesson for you… in this quote below that I recently shared in a training session?

“God does not begin by asking us about our ability, but only about our availability, and if we then prove our dependability, he will increase our capability.”

― Neal A. Maxwell

Lets challenge ourselves to forget ourselves, and get to work. Paradoxically, we will find that the very act thereof will not only increase our “capability” as Maxwell highlighted, but it will also have a natural by-product of drawing in great treasures of opportunity.

Brandon Broadwater