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University 101

Relationship Mastery™


Mastering Influence™

  University 101™   Includes 2 Events

University 101 Event Dates

St George, UT
Dec, 2018 (tba)

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Two Life Changing Events:

Event #1: Relationship Mastery™ (also known as Abundance Mastery™)

  • Who is this For?:

    • For Singles - for Those Who Want to "Find" and "Create" an Incredible Relationship
    • For Partners - for Those Who Want More Than They Have Now
    • For Families - for Those Who Want and Awesome Family with True Happiness
    • For Teams & Business - This is for Those Who Want to Create Unity and Power

What You Will Learn:

  • The Higher Laws of Relationships
  • The 4 Cornerstones of a Relationship
  • How Understanding the "Masculine" and "Feminine" Will Forever Change Your Approach to One Another... Thus Forever Increasing Your Results in All Your Relationships... in Every Part of Your Life!
  • How to Make the Feminine See You as A Hero!
  • How to Get The Masculine to "Step It Up" and Shower you With Appreciation
  • Secrets of Maintaining a Spark in Your Relationship... for Life

    • Why Some Have Happiness... and Why Others Do Not!
    • How to Ignite the Fire and Keep it Burning Strong for Life!
    • How to Create Polarity that Results in a Strong Attraction
  • How your "Relationships" are directly related to Your "Income"
  • The Primary Nutrients of a Relationship:

    • Unleash Relationships like you never have before
    • Learn the Simple Building Blocks of Relationships
    • Specific Techniques to Bond with Anybody in a Matter of Minutes
    • The 5 Steps to Massively Increase your Happiness in Any Relationship (Old or New Relationships)
  • Tension or Contention:

    • How to Know with Absolute Certainty... When Somebody is Truly Ready for a Change. It's Predictable!!! Because There are "Three" Specific Things That They Will Do If They Are Going Change. To Be Blunt; You Better Know this or You Might Get Sucked Into a Empty Promises.
    • How to Get Out from Being Stuck, Disappointed, and Get Off The Edge of Break Up.
    • How to Go to New Levels of Happiness that Are Not Possible Without this Knowledge from Relationship Mastery.
    • How to Recover in Relationships and Find Quick Forgiveness
    • How to Dissipate Tension in Less Than 3-4 Minutes!
  • Intimacy: (Emotional Intimacy and Physical Intimacy)

    • What Needs to Happen So That "Physical Intimacy" and "Passion" are Automatic... The One Thing you Can Do... That Has The Natural By-Product of Great Physical Intimacy
    • How to Create Emotional Intimacy
    • How to Create Closeness So You Feel 10x Happier Together, Than When Apart.
  • How to Create Solid Relationships that Stand Strong in the Midst of the Storms of Life (in Family or Even Business and Teams)
  • Unity & Happiness:

    • How to Serve in a Healthy, Happy, Productive Way... Without Later Feeling Burned Out or Resentful
    • Ways to Create Closeness, Bonding, Fun, and Happiness in Family and Teams
    • Create Unbreakable Unity in Your Relationships and Teams
    • Learn How and Why you Must Be Ready to Protect and Defend Each Other
  • How to Engage Children, How to Get a Good Response Whey They Are Not Responding Well
  • Learn the Hierarchy of Relationships. If You Mix this Up... then Your Relationships Will Fall Apart.
  • and more!

Event #2: Mastering Influence™

  • How to Have People Remember You and Your Words... Even Years Later
  • How to Massively Serve and Impact the Hearts of Others.
  • Learn The Biggest Mistake that Influencers Make
  • How to See the Invisible (Learn to See With Your Eyes, What Others Do Not!)
  • Secrets of Master Teachers

    • Why the Masters Have Impact... and Others Do Not!
    • How to Get Others to "Ask You" About What you Have to Offer, Instead of You Pushing your Opinions or Products on Them
    • How to Create an "Ah Ha" Moment for Others
    • How to Have the Universe Confirm Your Message to the Hearts of Others
  • Why People Do What They Do - Learn the 6 Primary Motivators (This will allow you to show people how to create a sustainalbe Change in Their Lives)
  • How "Mastering Influence" is directly related to Your Income
  • Learn and Practice the Higher Laws of Money & Influence:

    • Unleash Relationships like you never have before
    • How to Influence... Without People Feeling Sold or Influenced
    • Specific Techniques on How to Make More Money and Close the Deal
    • How to Seed and Sell...
    • Why People Won't Jump at Your Advice or Offer, Unless you have a Limiter
    • How to get Somebody to Commit for "Their" Reasons, Not Yours.
  • Create Unsurpassed Empowerment in your Life to Make Difficult Things Become Effortless.
  • Learn How to Make More Money
  • Learn How to Gracefully Sell the Salesman... Even if they are Pushy, Rude, and Won't Stop Talking.
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Being a Best Selling Author and Speaker
  • How to Know Without a Doubt... Within Seconds... If the Person in Front of You is Interested in What You Have to Offer or Not
  • Learn Two Questions that will Open the Hearts of Others. Without these, your conversations can be shallow and non-productive... as if going around in circles.
  • How to Deal With an Angry Person... and Even End on a Positive Note
  • How to Effectively Pull Somebody Else Out of an Emotional Dive.
  • How to Influence in a Way That Lasts Longer Than Any Other Type of Influence
  • How to Inspire Others
  • and more!
What People Are Saying

Here's a look at what some recent graduates have said:

"The depth and insight of this training is uncomparable to anything I've see in the past"
—Lilly W. (55 years) from California


What a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to understand their inner motivations and improve their relationships. I can't say enough to convey the depth of my gratitude for presenting this event to us Brandon. True thanks will be expressed through the person you helped me and others become! It has been transformative and life-changing... with a few loving spankings along the way. Thank you !

—Denise L

After Taking Mastering Influence:

"I am convinced. Brandon gets it. Not sure how he can be in his mid 30s and be so talented and committed to this mesage. It's something very special."

After Taking Relationship Mastery:

"Once again Brandon has delivered an exceptional experience. The thing about this event is there's great energy, minus the hype. What might appear to be hype, Brandon does deliver on. Therefore, it is 0% hype and 100% real."

(Two Years Later)

"The RESULTS HAVE COME IN!!! The tools Brandon teaches and provides are now proven in my life since I attended 23 months ago. I have experienced unspeakable joy, I truly have reached levels of heaven in my life and relationships as a direct result of Brandon's teachings. If you doubt me, ask me about the event by phone at (403) 909-1389. I will add the emphasis of my personal witness to the greatness of this message and how it has changed everything in my life!!!

—Kyle M.

"Nothing I can say will explain the depth of knowledge presented in this course. Only my own actions and improvements will reveal the impact Brandon has made in my life."

Two years later:

"Everything good in my life has come from what Brandon has taught me. That's Results!"

—Sab. - Vancouver

After Taking Relationship Mastery:

My wife and I came to Relationship Mastery to take our relationship with each other, our daughter, and our friends and family to the next level. In a few short days I learned how to make my wife feel heard, safe, and excited to be with me. I learned how to make sure my daughter feels my love, even when I have to be about (work, business, etc.) and know, not think, but know that she feels my love. I have the steps to improve my personal and business relationships. The very first day was worth an entire event - the whole event is priceless. You have changed my family's destiny from good, to brilliant, for generations. Thank you Higher Laws, God bless you, Brandon!

After Taking Mastering Influence:

"Without this event, I would forever be hounding others to try and help them. I have learned how to present help in ways that honor and raise up my clients, my family, my daughter, my wife, and ultimately, myself."


After Taking Mastering Influence:

"Thank you so much for teaching me a way of influence that serves. I know this will help me to have stronger and more loving relationships with my family and will help me to achieve success in any area of my life that I desire!"

After Taking Relationship Mastery:

"I have learned tools I can use to make sure I have connected and passionate relationships with the people I love the most. This event truly was a gift that will have a ripple effect on generations in my family, as I have learned how to build a strong, loving, and connected family. Brandon is an inspiring, compassionate, and an effective master teacher. I am so grateful for being mentored by Brandon. He has helped me to know the recipe for abundance in every area of my life and I am already experiencing many of these fruits of abundance since I started taking my first course six months ago. Wow! The Real Deal!

—Connie B. - Alberta, Canada
"I came here with monsters in my heart and chaos in my mind. The skills, tools, and process I have learned here has helped me find more peace, freedom, and direction. You have helped me to create a bright future I am excited to be a part of this future. Thank you Brandon for my new life!"
—John K.

I've had such a breakthrough! I realized after going to this three-day event of relationships where I started and why I started living a life of unhappiness, depression, and unconsciously creating and re-creating the same way of living from the time I was nine years old, until today. I have been taken to the edge and finally faced myself and my reality of life that I had created but finally broke through. I have never gone through anything like this even after 14 years of seminars. I now realize where the pieces of the puzzle are and Brandon has shown me how to put these simple pieces together. Finally and answer to my prayers!

—Christina R.

I enjoy how I don't feel like I'm being sold something. I am given an incredible amount of tools and information to make my life more meaningful, and feel that the courses Brandon teaches are inmeasurable in the quality they will bring me. I sincerely hope everyone will get past their stereotype of "how these courses are", and open themselves up to these higher things. As I've heard Brandon say, "You can spend your money learning, or lose your money learning, either way you are going to learn." This course costs much less than a future divorce if you want to look at it that way.


Thank you for re-aligning my compass. I was going the wrong direction!

—John K.

Brandon Broadwater has packaged some of the greatest concepts of mankind. The concepts, tools, and techniques are in a very practical and street–smart package that makes sense and a real difference in both life and business. I consider Brandon one of the most important mentors in my life and would highly recommend this program to anyone ready for better, and more consistent results in personal, family, and business life.

—Lorenzo P.

"If you don't see it, then it becomes your worst enemy. But for those who see it, it becomes not only your greatest ally, but also your greatest opportunity."

—Brandon J. Broadwater

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Call 801-895-7749 | 800-401-7999 or     Click to Call  


If you are unable to attend for any reason, you may have someone substitute for your participation in the program. Email the Higher Laws Company Customer Service Department at at least 90 days prior to the event to transfer your enrollment. A $85 fee will apply. Transferred and complimentary tickets are not eligible.

If you are unable to attend and do not wish to substitute, contact our Customer Service Department by email. We will convert your enrollment to a non-refundable credit that you may apply toward any Higher Laws, LLC event for up to one full year from your original event date. Some restrictions apply.

If you have a complimentary enrollment in your package, it is valid for the event date listed in the electronic confirmation only and is non-refundable/non-transferable. Package bonuses are not available to complimentary event participants.

If after attending the first half of the program, you are not completely satisfied, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives during the Day 2 afternoon meal break at the event. Refunds are authorized at the event only. You must have attended the event up until the Day 2 afternoon meal break and request your refund at the Customer Service Desk during the Saturday afternoon meal break. At your option, we will apply your tuition to any Higher Laws Company event, or send you a full refund. Simply turn in your workbook and name badge to an Higher Laws Customer Service Representative at the Customer Service Desk. Complimentary enrollments, discounted tickets, or other tickets that are not purchased online via website are not eligible for refund. Addition details may be in your confirmation email.