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University 303

Ultimate Mastery & Real Estate™


Leadership Mastery

  University 303™   Includes 2 Events (Beta Page)

University 303 Event Dates

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Two Life Changing Events:

Event #1: Ultimate Mastery & Ultimate Real Estate

  • The Advanced Higher Laws of Real Estate
  • Learn Ways of Buying Property in any Market... Zero Down!!!
  • Learn Exactly How Brandon Assess his Real Estate
  • How to Real Estate Contracts that Agents don't know
  • Create Emotional Awesomeness With Money in your Relationships... By Doing One Simple Thing
  • Learn the #1 Ultimate Marketing Principle... This is also "The Most Neglected Marketing Principle!!!" If you Don't Do It... your Marketing Won't Work.
  • How to Manage Money and Emotions so that the Emotions are Great and More Money is Increasing. Even if you have Debt
  • Go Through a Unique Process Called "The Abundance Creator" which will Set You Up with A Results Driven Business Plan
  • Learn About the Most Powerful Business System on Earth! (This is Not a MLM)
  • How to Create Financial Results at Home!
  • How to Convert Leads into Sales
  • How to Create Progress Financially... Even If You Feel Like You are Going Backward
  • Secrets of Wealth

    • Why The Rich Can Make Money So Much Easier Than The Poor and Middle Class! Even If They Were To Start Over With Nothing
  • How your "Spiritual Mastery" is directly related to Your Income
  • How to Get Into Places and Circles of Where You Want To Be
  • Learn about the #1 Asset of A Business. When Brandon Learned This, He Changed His Whole Business Model. Without this Focus, a Business will Stay Small.
  • and more!

Event #2: Leadership Mastery (& Family Mastery)

  • The Higher Laws of Leadership
  • Learn the Two Primary Attributes of a Leader
  • Learn the Four Stages of Impact
  • Learn the Four Levels of Leadership
  • How to Become The Natural Leader of Your Peer Group
  • Why Big People Fall, and How to Maintain Consistency in Leadership
  • Learn the 7 Master Steps to Create Lasting and Permanent Change

    • Unleash The Potential in Others
    • Actually Turn Anybody's Life In a Direction For The Better
    • Specific techniques On How to Impact A Person's Life So Much So... That They Will Change Their Daily Actions After They Meet You
    • How to Create a Permanent and Lasting Change
  • How to Be a Master Leader

    • What the Master Leaders Do... That Keeps Their Words Echoing in Your Head For Years. See...
    • How to Go Big with Your Message!
    • How to Go Deep Into the Hearts and Minds of Mankind... One by One
    • How to Serve the One, Yet Serve Humanity at the Same Time
  • How your "Higher Self" is directly related to Your Success and Leadership
  • The Secrets To Sustainable Health

    • How to Stabilize Mood
    • How to Create Amazing Amounts of Energy... Which Turns on Creativity and also Helps you Discover Opportunities Around You... Which Makes you More Money
    • Learn Exactly What Will Optimize Your Life
    • Learn How to Avoid Sickness and Heal Faster
    • How to Lose Tons of Weight in a Healthy, Happy, Productive Way.
  • Discover and Become Proficient at Identifying a Person's Driving Force Within 90 Seconds
  • Learn the Best Way to Approach an Elder... or Person That is More Advanced
  • High Level Spiritual Leadership

    • How We Can Avoid Spiritual Vertigo in Our Lives
    • How to Deal with Darkness or Wickedness from High Places, No Fluffy or Weird Stuff. Just a Simple Truth way to Recognize and Overcome "Dark Pattern Interupters" that Distract You... Right Before Making a Good Decision. Here is a Quote from Brandon, "If the Dark Side Can't Temp You, or Distract You using Pattern Interrupts... Then All It Has to Do Is Entertain You" - Brandon Broadwater
  • Learn One of the Greatest Gifts that You Could Ever Give Someone
  • and more!
What People Are Saying

Here's a look at what some recent graduates have said:

"I spent 5 months and $11,000 dollars with another training company, and I didn't get the same value from them as I did from 3 DAYS with Higher Laws. I spent 50 years living in fear, and that is now completely gone from my life!  This course changed my life!"
—Ray H.
"As a new business owner, I came to Brandon wanting to learn how to create more sales in my business. Sales is something that I've always had conflict with, because I have felt like I am taking advantage of people when I try to sell them. In spending 90 minutes with Brandon, my world was rocked! I was able to take the principle I learned in that 90 minutes and made my first sale in less than 20 minutes, one more the same day, and yet another the following day! I attempted 5 sales and made 3! Better yet, I walked away never feeling like I took advantage of them."
—Keith H.
"Thank you for your powerful program. It was completely different than other speakers in how financial knowledge and passive income techniques are related to our Higher Self and Universal Principles. The concepts presented have truly affected me on a deeply personal level. I am inspired to "kick my Hyena" that holds me back the most and live within my Higher Self."
—Lynnette T.
"This Event was such a powerful process that has had a long lasting impact in both my business and personal life. Thanks!"
—Tyler R.

"I enjoyed the stories, variety, hands on nature, and the uniqueness of the content."
—Jed M.
"Brandon Broadwater has a gift to simplify and make practical even the most challenging principles. He packages the material in a way that makes it accessable for immediate implementation in any business or enterprise. I look forward to having Brandon train my future sales team."
—Lorenzo P.

"If the Dark Side Can't Temp You, or Distract You using Pattern Interrupts... Then All It Has to Do Is Entertain You"

"The Power of The Present is One of the Most Underestimated ways to Serve Others and Find Opportunity."

—Brandon J. Broadwater

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Call 801-895-7749 | 800-401-7999 or     Click to Call  


If you are unable to attend for any reason, you may have someone substitute for your participation in the program. Email the Higher Laws Company Customer Service Department at at least 90 days prior to the event to transfer your enrollment. A $85 fee will apply. Transferred and complimentary tickets are not eligible.

If you are unable to attend and do not wish to substitute, contact our Customer Service Department by email. We will convert your enrollment to a non-refundable credit that you may apply toward any Higher Laws, LLC event for up to one full year from your original event date. Some restrictions apply.

If you have a complimentary enrollment in your package, it is valid for the event date listed in the electronic confirmation only and is non-refundable/non-transferable. Package bonuses are not available to complimentary event participants.

If after attending the first half of the program, you are not completely satisfied, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives during the Day 2 afternoon meal break at the event. Refunds are authorized at the event only. You must have attended the event up until the Day 2 afternoon meal break and request your refund at the Customer Service Desk during the Saturday afternoon meal break. At your option, we will apply your tuition to any Higher Laws Company event, or send you a full refund. Simply turn in your workbook and name badge to an Higher Laws Customer Service Representative at the Customer Service Desk. Complimentary enrollments, discounted tickets, or other tickets that are not purchased online via website are not eligible for refund. Addition details may be in your confirmation email.